Video Testimonial – HIV Aids & Cancer

Flower was diagnosed with HIV Aids in 2007, and soon after, due to a weakened immune system, contracted KS (Kaposi’s Sarcoma) – Cancer

By November 2014, during Flower’s medical examination, her total HIV viral load depreciated lower than the detectable 40 copies/ml. and all HIV Aids related threats including CANCER where eradicated!

Today Flower is living a normal everyday life, with one difference, an ambition to share her experience.
An ambition to tell people about Intervene, people diagnosed with Cancer, HIV Aids, Diabetes, Parkinson’s

Video Testimonial – Stage 4 Breast, Lung & T4 Cancer

Mrs. Sandra Harris – Stage 4 Breast, Lung & 4th thoracic vertebrae (T4) Cancer: (Beaten Cancer – August 2017)

Sandra was diagnosed with terminal cancer, with 3 months to live! the Dr’s said there was nothing that can be done…

Sandra was declared CANCER FREE!

Through Gods divine intervention and the help of Intervene Herbal, Sandra managed to completely eradicate Stage 4 Lung & Bone Marrow Cancer within two months.
Congratulation  Sandra! & God Bless!